Rocking Austin

So I’m laying here sick in bed still mulling over my trip to Austin. Honestly it feels like a month since I got in a van with a band their manager, and their awesome ukulele-playing friend Savannah. The whole trip is still blur of rest stops, networking, music, night life, stress, street food, and laughter. … Continue reading

Make a Difference Starting at #SXSW

So my bags are packed and I’m ready to go, or ¬†at least as ready as one can be for SXSW. The festival may have already started but my journey to Austin in a van with the band Pictures of Then begins tomorrow. Sitting here sending RSVP’s to various events I can’t help but think … Continue reading

Jump into the Fog (of Social Media)

With my trip to SXSW fast approaching I thought I’d take a few minutes to talk about social media and an app I’ve recently started using. These days it seems like everyone is trying to make it in the music industry, either as artists, producers, journalists, or business people. Of course my view of the … Continue reading

“Music saved my life.. I swear it could kill me though.”

Let me start my first post by saying I never thought I’d want a blog, a place to share my thoughts, insights, and frankly just randomness with potentially anyone that owns a computer. Don’t get me wrong I like to write (maybe more then I like talking) but before now I never really thought I … Continue reading