What I Realized, Wayne Coyne, and Salvador Dalí (Part 1)

This post is a little longer (why it’s in two parts) and a little more personal then the previous one. It’s time I do the brave thing, get some things off my chest and level with people like a real writer. I reference this a lot but when I started The Good, the Bad & the … Continue reading

Musicians are People Too (inspired by Letter to Emily White)

Anyone who pays attention to the music business and it’s steady stream of news has already formed their opinions about the letter David Lowery wrote to Emily White (just one example,http://alturl.com/gi4x4). I’m not here to rehash the details or dredge up the debate on whether or not Lowery’s views are antiquated. Nor am I here … Continue reading

Obviously a Very Serious Band meeting with Consecrated Riff-Raff