Going Hard with the #Hashtags (My Week on Twitter)

I went home this week. It hasn’t rained there in over a month and the temperature keeps lingering around 107 degrees. As a result I spent way too much time on Twitter.  We all know I’m capable of ranting about any of the subjects found under the #Discover tab but instead of writing fifty long posts I thought I’d just do an overview.

1. The Frank Ocean Controversy and my favorite quote

“If Waka Flocka Flame’s views are more progressive than yours, you need to re-evaluate your life.”

I’m not here to change anybody’s mind when it comes to their views on sexual orientation. Honestly I think we should all just focus on the one we love and leave other people’s relationships whether they be gay or straight to a qualified therapist. However, when Frank Ocean came out on Tumblr it made me realize how much I’d neglected to notice him as an artist (Check out his new song produced by my longtime celeb crush). Also the event made me realize that despite the stereotype the Hip Hop industry is not quite as  homophobic as it used to be. Waka Flocka stood behind Frank and his Tumblr post, which inspired the quote above. Again if you don’t agree I understand but you shouldn’t let that keep you from checking out his new music..

2. Blur debuted some new songs via a Twitter show on Monday. I have to say I like them a lot but for some reason all I can think about when I hear ““Under the Westway”  is how it channels The Beatles vibe.

3. Despite the fact I’m part of a generation obsessed with Twilight, vampires aren’t really my thing (I’ve tried reading Dracula twice). But thanks to this vampire mania Bethany Cosentino and Iggy Pop have been featured on a song together. The song “Let’s Boot and Rally”was created for a True Bloods episode of the same name.

4. My childhood nightmare has returned. A new and technologically improved version of the Furby is set to debut sometime this year. To make it even scarier for those of you who share my fear of the toy the ““Furby 2.0” has been made more responsive and has the ability to integrate with technology like the iPhone. Also if you can’t tell it has LCD lights for eyes.


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