The Social Media Diet (Where is my Mind)

The last few days I’ve been trying to write the impact hip hop  had on my life and my high school days. And I promise that post is coming, but all I can think about is how self-centered I was back then. I know that probably doesn’t surprise any of you. A millennial with an ego problem and a lust for attention is not a highly revolutionary concept. And even though my days of  trolling for photo comments are over I’m not going to say that it isn’t something I struggle with. We live in a society that places an emphasis on fame, self-promotion and generating interest. Facebook deems how often your posts are seen based on the level of engagement they usually achieve.

Studying social media strategies and learning how to apply them so I can publicize myself to the professional world has been a definite highlight in my McNally career so far. But it hasn’t really benefitted my ego or my desire for recognition. In the past  I might have feared that if I dove any deeper into the social media pond there would be no way I could emerge from school without a “Lana Del Rey complex”.  Jokes aside, the whole thing  has made me realize that as long as social media is a crucial part of my life as an aspiring music professional and content creator I have to approach the whole thing with maturity and caution so that as my teacher Bruce puts it my skills are used “for good and not evil”

So with that on my digital soul I continue to ask myself the question raised in my all time favorite Pixies song. “Where is my mind?”

Being on a heavy diet of  social media doesn’t automatically give you a taste for the Kardashians or egotistical cravings. Increasing my activity on Twitter has had some positive effects. Mainly it’s broken me out of the college bubble and kept me informed of what’s really going on out amongst the people who aren’t in their dorm phase.

That being said I realize there’s a thin line between an aspiring thought leader and a celebrity wannabe straight out of the  2003 Brad Paisly video. 

So as of now I’m going to continue my efforts to ensure my Twitter feed provides more meaningful content then just what I ate for breakfast this morning because even in the social media world  you should listen take a hint from The Pixies song title.


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