Leather Jackets and Guitars Part 1 (What They Told me About Music School)

Since I started kicking it in the Twin Cities my life has been one crazy mashup of events. In the past year I’ve become a music business student, attended my first SXSW music festival and decided that maybe I want to give artist management a try. It’s been nothing like I expected but I wouldn’t trade these last three semesters for anything (except maybe a chance to travel the world like Anthony Bourdain).

So as I approach the end of my first full year at McNally and gear up to be an orientation leader  I thought I’d take a minute to share some my crazy insights on music school.

When I first told my parents I wanted to go to music school they didn’t have any major objections. Of course I’m pretty sure they knew I wasn’t destined to be a doctor or scientist anyway. And furthermore they didn’t need me to be as one of my brothers is a forensic pathologist and the other does work for NASA

My dad (who as a doctor has seen the”drug addicts” of the industry) just wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. So I went and I talked to everyone and anyone I could find from my voice teacher to a professional studio engineer that had gone through collegiate music programs.

They all told me the same thing

1. There will be more guys then girls

2. Music is not an easy major

3.  Your career has already started





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