The #Groupie Moment (It’s Not What it Sounds Like)

Admitting once and for all how bad I am at keeping up in the blog game. I was doing good at the consistency thing for awhile but then I went on vacation and I guess life just got in the way. The day after I flew back from Denver I had to move back to school and start my orientation leader training and since then life’s just been a blur.

In my last blog  I was reminiscing about the impressions I was given about music school . I planned to eventually write a sort of predictable post about how true the three things I mentioned turned out to be.

1. That yes, there are more guys then girls, but that doesn’t always mean things are drama free

2. That music is not an easy major especially when you consider the amount of practice we are supposed to be doing.

3. That your career doesn’t just start when you walk into music school. For those of us that aspire to make it in the industry our career started the moment we decided to take music seriously.

And that post would’ve been okay. But it wouldn’t really have gotten to the heart of what I’m feeling at the moment. I’ll be honest after the stress, the heartbreak and the uncertainty I went through last year  I was totally apprehensive coming into this semester. There was still a part of me that was convinced that maybe I should just give up on this and try something else. Something easier or safer, an industry that had less figurative traffic jams.

But all that has started to fade since my friend who already has some recognition as a Hip-Hop artist asked me to be his manager. Because it made me remember what made me want to navigate my way through this crazy thing we call the music industry in the first place. It wasn’t glamour or money or the inevitable parties. It was a promise I made to someone who I will never forget and it was friendship.

The ride or die kind of friendship that develops when people get thrown into strange situations together multiple times. Like when said people get lost in Dinkytown together their first weekend out because they have no idea what bus to take back to Saint Paul.

So I’ve decided that no matter what happens I’m going to see this through. I’m going to go hard and not let doubt get the better of me this time. Furthermore I’m going to stop chasing relationships and start following my dreams. Not just because I want to do well, but because I want to help those around me find success.

Normally I’m not supportive of the term groupie and personally I would never get with someone just to increase my level of fame. However it’s a title I’ll gladly take on for my friends and for the people who I collaborate, laugh with and see every week.

So from now on this blog will occasionally feature a segment called “The Groupie Moment” where I promote the projects of the people I know and believe in.  Because there are a lot of things worth writing about and I know some of them come from the people closest to me.


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