The Groupie Moment First Edition: Featuring Stone Cruz

So for those of you who don’t know I’m starting a blog segment called “The Groupie Moment” where I rep the projects of the people I know and believe in. These projects don’t exclusively have to be musical, however, seeing as I know a lot of musicians most of them probably will be.

This blog has originated from the realization that I’m at my best when I’m trying to help others reach their potential. Also it’s crossed my mind that if I can’t support my friends I can’t really expect them or anyone else to endorse what I’m doing. Usually street teams don’t form randomly. They  are comprised of superfans that are typically close to or associated with the artist. So the apathy stops here. I’m ready to take the heat and geek out unapologetically for creative people I’m lucky enough to know.

For the my first edition I thought it was only to right to feature someone who I’m currently working with, my friend Stone Cruz. When I first met Stone I just remember thinking that he was really tall. I had no idea that along with being a talented rapper who had made a couple of “artist to watch” lists he also has the ability to write and produce. Mostly that’s because he’s humble.

Despite the fact that his dad used to DJ for Diddy he met the superstar at a pizza joint the way any other fan might. I applaud how he wants to try and establish himself here while he finishes his time out at McNally when he already has some recognition in his native New York.  A lot of people mercilessly flaunt their talent, Stone just uses his to make good music and be a leader in the school’s Hip-Hop program.

So with a promise to his mom that I will won’t eff up his career I’m happy to call myself his manager. Honestly because I believe he has the right attitude for this business.  He’s not afraid to grow but at the same time I know he won’t lose sight of Harlem and the people that have been with him since his earliest days.

This is reflected musically within in his new EP “Ambitions Intro” which  showcases his artistic range (check out the track “Lover’s Tale”) and his “old school meets new school” style.

Click to see EP!!

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