It’s 2013..and I’m Missing the Hipster Apocalypse #SXSW

Almost a year has passed since @SXSW retweeted my first blog “Music Saved My Life…I Swear it Could Kill Me Though”. (I’m still not sure that it wasn’t a fluke!) Not much has changed. I’m still a college student, I still live in Minnesota, and, if you can’t tell from the title, I’m still a major fan of Anthony Bourdain.
If you’ve ever read this blog or garnered any interest in my life from it then let me apologize for my lack of consistency. One of the resolutions I made when the ball dropped in Times Square this year was to put more effort into this whole blog thing. Mostly because I now realize that if you’re not doing what you feel compelled to do then you’re missing out on a part of life.
Speaking of missing things, there’s something I should address. That’s right people, I Julia Corliss am not going to SXSW, the so-called ” Hipster Apocalypse”.
I’m not entirely broken up about it. I mean it would definitely be cool to see Dave Grohl’s keynote speech and hear industry veteran Clive Davis tell a story or two. But everything has it’s time and place. Believe me, it was awesome getting caught up in the fray of 6th Street partiers, meeting people that work at Rolling Stone and actually being involved in the industry. But I’m okay with leaving all that to the 21 plus crowd , at least for now. With that said, I still intend to blog about it and share a few insights with those bound for Austin.
Lastly, while I have your attention and maybe your vague sympathy, I thought I’d point out a couple of things worth checking out if you’re one of the lucky few that has the opportunity to put on your Ray-Bans and join the hipster hoards for their spring break.

My college is at it again. They’re taking some of the coolest and creative people in the school and giving them the chance to plan, promote and throw a day party at SXSW.

Follow McNally Smith’s SXSW Class to get the inside scoop  on the MN Nice Showcase!

(If you like my blog you’ll definitely be interested in what these guys have to say!)


Another event making its way from the Twin Cities to Austin is The Take Off Tour presented by MJG & Last Triumph. A fun interactive experience that includes live music and art along with a gaming and photo booth it’s something worth catching on one of its various tour dates

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