A Night at the Entry (My First Venture in Reviewerdom)

Disclaimer Bearing in mind  the advice  I was given by a failed stand up comedian who was not hindered by his inebriation nor hesitant  in flexing his Berklee educated brain (or flamboyant humor,)   I am  just going to endeavor to “write how I feel about the music ” seeing as I’m not a “real … Continue reading

It’s 2013..and I’m Missing the Hipster Apocalypse #SXSW

Almost a year has passed since @SXSW retweeted my first blog “Music Saved My Life…I Swear it Could Kill Me Though”. (I’m still not sure that it wasn’t a fluke!) Not much has changed. I’m still a college student, I still live in Minnesota, and, if you can’t tell from the title, I’m still a … Continue reading

The #Groupie Moment (It’s Not What it Sounds Like)

Admitting once and for all how bad I am at keeping up in the blog game. I was doing good at the consistency thing for awhile but then I went on vacation and I guess life just got in the way. The day after I flew back from Denver I had to move back to … Continue reading

Leather Jackets and Guitars Part 1 (What They Told me About Music School)

Since I started kicking it in the Twin Cities my life has been one crazy mashup of events. In the past year I’ve become a music business student, attended my first SXSW music festival and decided that maybe I want to give artist management a try. It’s been nothing like I expected but I wouldn’t … Continue reading