Going Hard with the #Hashtags (My Week on Twitter)

I went home this week. It hasn’t rained there in over a month and the temperature keeps lingering around 107 degrees. As a result I spent way too much time on Twitter.  We all know I’m capable of ranting about any of the subjects found under the #Discover tab but instead of writing fifty long … Continue reading

Musicians are People Too (inspired by Letter to Emily White)

Anyone who pays attention to the music business and it’s steady stream of news has already formed their opinions about the letter David Lowery wrote to Emily White (just one example,http://alturl.com/gi4x4). I’m not here to rehash the details or dredge up the debate on whether or not Lowery’s views are antiquated. Nor am I here … Continue reading

Rocking Austin

So I’m laying here sick in bed still mulling over my trip to Austin. Honestly it feels like a month since I got in a van with a band their manager, and their awesome ukulele-playing friend Savannah. The whole trip is still blur of rest stops, networking, music, night life, stress, street food, and laughter. … Continue reading

“Music saved my life.. I swear it could kill me though.”

Let me start my first post by saying I never thought I’d want a blog, a place to share my thoughts, insights, and frankly just randomness with potentially anyone that owns a computer. Don’t get me wrong I like to write (maybe more then I like talking) but before now I never really thought I … Continue reading