It’s 2013..and I’m Missing the Hipster Apocalypse #SXSW

Almost a year has passed since @SXSW retweeted my first blog “Music Saved My Life…I Swear it Could Kill Me Though”. (I’m still not sure that it wasn’t a fluke!) Not much has changed. I’m still a college student, I still live in Minnesota, and, if you can’t tell from the title, I’m still a … Continue reading

A Real Down to Mars Girl (What I Really Learned from Hip Hop)

Recently the world lost (Ms. Melodie) one of its less obvious treasures. Certainly in her death she has been recognized as Russell Simmons and many others have shared their love for the hip-hop trailblazer. But I still don’t think anyone can say the world respected her enough for what she brought to the genre.  Furthermore despite the … Continue reading

The Social Media Diet (Where is my Mind)

The last few days I’ve been trying to write the impact hip hop  had on my life and my high school days. And I promise that post is coming, but all I can think about is how self-centered I was back then. I know that probably doesn’t surprise any of you. A millennial with an ego … Continue reading

River’s Edge (What I Realized, Wayne Coyne & Salvador Dali Part 2)

As someone who’s been to Lolla and SXSW I’ve realized I always end up thinking four distinct things at music festivals People should seriously start drinking water BEFORE they pass out. When you’re my height (5’1 or 5’2) you don’t have to fight as hard to get close to the stage. The only time you … Continue reading

My New Site

If you like The Good, The Bad, and the Musical check out my new site for lyrics, photos, and more!! jcorlissmusic

What I Realized, Wayne Coyne, and Salvador Dalí (Part 1)

This post is a little longer (why it’s in two parts) and a little more personal then the previous one. It’s time I do the brave thing, get some things off my chest and level with people like a real writer. I reference this a lot but when I started The Good, the Bad & the … Continue reading

Obviously a Very Serious Band meeting with Consecrated Riff-Raff

It’s Been Awhile..(so here’s something different)

So since SXSW I’ve just had a lot on my mind and haven’t totally worked out my thoughts on everything. So until that changes, here’s something a little different. Just a bit of a poem that came into my head a few minutes ago. How funny it is As we turn the page from monkey … Continue reading

Rocking Austin

So I’m laying here sick in bed still mulling over my trip to Austin. Honestly it feels like a month since I got in a van with a band their manager, and their awesome ukulele-playing friend Savannah. The whole trip is still blur of rest stops, networking, music, night life, stress, street food, and laughter. … Continue reading

Make a Difference Starting at #SXSW

So my bags are packed and I’m ready to go, or  at least as ready as one can be for SXSW. The festival may have already started but my journey to Austin in a van with the band Pictures of Then begins tomorrow. Sitting here sending RSVP’s to various events I can’t help but think … Continue reading